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Lative Life Science Pvt. Ltd.
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Lative Life Science is a fully developed manufacturing and export company. All our products are manufactured with high quality standards with proven safety, efficacy and industry standards. Thousands of patients in India and across the globe use our products on the regular basis and as a result have been enjoying better health.

At Lative, we have unique product range that beats out the competition and give a wider choice to select various new molecules. Our commitment and dedication towards achieving the HIGHEST QUALITY STANDARDS has won us the trust globe.


Lative offers service that are benchmark of ‘Superlative Quality & Enviable Economy’, which are built on the sturdy pillars of Financial Solidarity, Stability, Reliability, Operational Excellence, Technology and Revolutionary business strategy with the excellence execution techniques.


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About Our Quality ​

At, Lative, We ensure flawless production and distribution of our products. We strictly impose stringent quality standards as per GMP regulation and requirements.

We offer 100% Production quality guarantee and also perform third party laboratory testing depending upon our customer’s requirements. Our facilities have approval of WHO-GMP and we are an ISO 9001:2015 certified company.

Lative has long experience of working with MNCs and understands their way of doing business. Our streamlined systems guarantee quality, speed, flexibility, technical excellence, compliance with international standards and close collaboration with customers.

As a highly skilled service provider, we help our customers enhance their product basket, shorten their delivery cycle and thus improve their competitive advantage and performance. Partnership is the objective of our efforts and activities.

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